Top 5 Office Chairs

office chairs for back pain

Top 5 office chairs for people with bad backs

If you have been experiencing some back pain, it’s time that you look into the factors that could possibly be causing it. There could be medical reasons like vertebral fractures, osteoporosis, spondylolisthesis, disc tear, scoliosis and spinal stenosis; or it could be due to a poor posture and not keeping your back aligned with your torso. From your sleep positioning to your office desk chair, anything could be causing it.

One major reason for a poor back posture is our office chairs as we have to spend around 8 hours every day sitting on them. Many of these chairs are ergonomically poor and could easily cause a herniated disc or kinked back. If you have been suffering from a backache for too long, it’s time that you ditch the latest iPhone 7 and get yourself a new office chair that may cost you a fortune, but will ensure that your back won’t ditch you.

1. Herman Miller Embody
Price: £1,419.26 + £3.99 UK delivery
Arms rests: Adjustable
Reclining: Yes

The reason why ergonomics doesn’t work for everyone is because not every human’s back is created equal. This Herman Miller Embody is basically a magical setting that auto adjusts to the back of its user. This would mean that there won’t be any space between your lower back and you will have all the support that you need.

Also, it has a “dynamic matrix of pixels” that stimulates blood and oxygen flow to your back reducing the amount of pressure that you have to deal with while being seated. This might be a pricey chair, but if you really want to keep working without getting too many sick leaves, get this chair; it’s totally worth it.

2. Steelcase Gesture Chair
Price: £994.00
Arms rests: Adjustable
Reclining: Yes

We instantly fell in love with this chair, because it looks graciously beautiful. However, aesthetics doesn’t really matter much if the comfort and back support isn’t there. Having a nice office chair doesn’t just mean a good back support; it also has to do with the reclining, arms rest and the comfortable base. Gesture Chair is perfect for every type of office desk user. If you are ready to spend a thousand pounds, this should be your choice.

3. Freedom Task Chair
Price: £489.84 inc vat
Arms Rest: Adjustable
Reclining: Yes

If you want something that looks great while provides excellent support, Freedom Task Chair has got both. The chair automatically adjusts everything using the users’ weight, so there is minimum manual tickling required. For £489.84, it’s pricey, but it’s totally worth it.

4. Amazon Basics Mid-Back Mesh Chair
Price: Currently unavailable at Amazon UK
Arm Rests: Fixed
Reclining: Yes

If your startup doesn’t afford an expensive office chair, you could always resort to the basics from Amazon. This cheap mid-back mesh chair provides great breathability for your back and keeps it aligned with the torso.

5. IKEA Markus Chair
Price: from £178.19
Arms rest: Fixed
Reclining: Yes

A great design, good back support, 10-year warranty, and just a price tag of 178.19, what else do you need? Markus may lack the features of an expensive chair, but it’s still your best bet at this price.