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about us

Growing up I was always in great physical shape. I played all kinds of sports, biked around from place to place and even competed in track and field. Although I never won anything, I still competed! That counts for something. So when I started working as a secretary in an office, I did what I had always done. I put everything I had into it. For the longest time, I was considered the most energetic girl in the office. I was the one people would turn to when they needed something done quickly or when the timing was an issue. But slowly, the years of sitting in an office chair all day started to take a toll. I started getting regular pains in my lower back and couldn’t sit in one place for the whole day. But that was just the beginning of my back problems.

With a bad back, nothing ever felt the same. Moving around was more difficult and often very painful. Even bending over to tie my shoes became something I dreaded. Day-to-day living became a chore. The pain I experienced on a daily basis started to make me have difficulty sleeping which then had an impact on my energy levels. In the end, it snowballed completely out of control.

I tried several types of painkillers. Although some of them helped with the pain, they had side effects. I may not have been in pain but I was even more sluggish than ever and my mind just wasn’t as sharp. This demanded a solution. I wasn’t about to let my life completely fall apart because of this back pain.

That’s when a friend recommend I try a kneeling chair. She said that by forcing your body into a structured position it helps eliminate back pain. Boy was she right! After only a few days of using my new kneeling chair, I was already starting to feel the difference. The pain was still there, but it was slowly going away. After a few months, I almost forgot how bad things had been. Now I’m able to return to my physical activity without feeling the pain. The world seems refreshed, renewed and mine to explore again, all thanks to this revolutionary device. Well, and the suggestion from my friend.